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GelSMART gel imaging system DLAB

GelSMART gel imaging system,Transluminator

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Light Source:470nm epi blue light Viewing Area: 10 x 10cm Compatible Bye: DNA: ECO Safe, SYBR Safe, GelGreen Protein:Lightning Red, Silver/ Coomassie blue,SYPRO Ruby Light Source (L x W x H): 216 x 168 x 54 mm Light Source Cover (L x W x H): 211 x 161 x 108 mm Total Size (L x W x H): 216 x 168 x 128 mm • Compact foot print with a field of 10×10cm • Simple operation of experiments and quick acquisition of results • Epi-blue light diminishes UV exposure to lab personnel and DNA damage in the sample • Adjustable epi-blue light source emits light with high intensity and minimum heat for better light control • Filter holders can accommodate most popular smartphones/tablets • Optional light-weight app